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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Voki Avatar Exemplar

I created the avatar you see at the left in Voki. It was a talking avatar but i used windows to take a screen shot of the voki avatar. Then I copied and pasted the screen shot into Paint. I cropped it to just include my picture. I saved it as a gif on my desktop and added it as a gadget that you see at the right! I also added it as an avatar to my shelfari account.

Assignment # 17 Create an Avatar.

Good Afternoon, Evening, Morning, etc. Your assignment is to create an avatar. What’s an avatar? An avatar is a pictorial representation of you. It can look somewhat like you, but in comic form, or it might be a picture of something you like. In the computer world, you can use an avatar to create an online personality while still protecting your privacy. Please refer to the information on Teen Learning 2.0 ( for the websites you can use (, buildyourselfwild, dreamavatar). After you have created your avatar, use it as your account picture in your blog and in Shelfari. Then in your next posting, describe how you were able to do this. HAVE FUN!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feedback for Student Librarians

Please pay attention to your grade. Most students are not multitasking. You have basically 4 main responsibilities: Blog(includes assignments), Shelfari (book reports), Service to library visitors, Shelf Assignment. Extra assignments should be completed in addition in order to get a 4. Most of you are not even getting a 3 everyday. Also, please number your blog assignments. Where do book reports go? Not in your blog. Use Shelfari and Monroe Reads!. If you have any question or wish to discuss your daily score, please email me: . Most of your blogs are being neglected. You will not get a B or an A without the assignments done!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Assignment # 16 Digital Citizenship

Go to the Teen Learning 2.0 Website ( Read the Welcome to Teen Learning Intro. We are working on Topic 1. Watch the videos in Activity 1. Discuss the questions posed. 1. What is digital citizenship?
2. What are the rights and responsibilities of a digital citizen in today’s world?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Assignment 15 Free Lance

Write about anything you want today. ANYTHING.

Assignment # 14 Write Comments!

Please write a comment about a picture, avatar or book that someone has posted. Please write two comments per week.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Assignment # 13 Grade Yourself!

Greetings Students! It is getting close to mid-semester grades. Please use this online Rubric at Rubristar to evaluate yourself. Read the description for each of the 7 categories and rate yourself 1-4. Add up the number and divide by 7. For example all 4's would be 28/7 = 4.0 = A Next, using google docs, write an explanation of your grade evaluating yourself honestly in all 7 areas. Title your google doc "Your Name, Date, Grade" Share your google doc with me so I can read what you have to say. If you are unsure of how to share a google doc, please view the "How To" screen recording. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Assignment # 12 Monroe Reads!

Most of you have opened a Shelfari Account. I have created a Shelfari Group called "Monroe Reads" for book club and student librarian. Please contribute to the current discussion topic: Books vs. Movies. You must join the Monroe Reads in order to participate.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Assignment #11 Send a text with a pic to your Blog

Good luck Ms Abagi sent as mms from my iPhone to

Assignment # 10 Join the Monroe Reads! Discussion

I posted a discussion at Shelfari. Please sign in to your Shelfari Account and join the discussion. Thanks. Ms. Scherr


Did u know? You can email pictures and stories to your blog? I am sending a picture to my blog. This post was created from sending an email from my account at to

Assignment # 9 Send an email with a graphic

Create and email with a picture or graphic that describes a strong interest that you have. Than mail it to your blogger account. You can find your address and register your cell phone by clicking on the icons in the DASHBOARD mode. (Click on the mail icon for your address). I will post an exemplar!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Assignment # 8 Create a talking avatar

Students: Use Voki to create an avatar for Blogger and Shelfari. Don't forget to use your my mail address when you open your voki account. Don't forget to add your avatar to your accounts as pics.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Assignment # 7 Create a Shelfari Account.

Hey Students, I still need links to Blogs for the following students: MAC, Edgar, Patricia and Carlos. Please create the blogs ASAP and email me the links: Also, everyone please create your Student Link Gadget(Assignment # 6). In this assignment, you will create an online bookshelf using Shelfari. Open an account. Add me (Annette Scherr) as a friend so I will have a link to your book reviews. Use Shelfari to review books you have read. Then join the Shelfari Monroe HS Reads! Group.

Invite all other SL's (Student Librarians) to be your friends on Shelfari. You should have everyone's email address. If not, send me an email and I will send you them.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Assignment # 6 Post A Comment

After you have created a student link list gadget, please read all of the other student blogs and post a comment on them. You may have to do this at home because we are having security issues. I will email your grade later this week.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Assignment # 5 Add a Gadget!

In addition to posting two blogs a week, student librarians need to comment on two other student blogs. Therefore you will need to add a "Link List" Gadget and link other student blogs to yours. You do this by clicking on the design tab or the word "design" in the upper right hand corner of your blog. Your first link should be to the main Student Librarian Blog. If you are unsure of how to add a gadget, watch the "How To" video at the Library Portal. I noticed many of you have not posted any book reviews. It is a required that you read 1 book every two weeks in order to receive a passing grade. You need to post reviews. I will be posting a student librarian class rubric shortly!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Book Review Exemplar

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Genre: Dsytopia
Summary: In a world gone wrong, the wealthy Capitol Rulers make all the rules to exploit the poor people of District 11. If Katniss Everdeen did not learn to hunt like her father her family would have starved. Unfortunately she was chosen in the yearly raffle to become a tribute. Along with 24 other children from 12 other districts, she was forced to apply all of her survival skills to "The Game" of staying alive. She knew that eventually she would have to kill the last survivor, but would she be able to do it? This is a scary and unbelievable look at the darker side of human nature. Children become pawns for adult entertainment for the purpose of terrorizing any one who might think of rebelling.

I loved reading this book and can't wait to read Mocking Jay. I have ordered six copies for the library.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Assignment # 4 Book Review

A separate Book Blog will be created for Book Club and Student Librarians. You should have finished your first book by now.
I Please write a book review for your book. You should include 1) Title 2) Author 3) Genre 4) a brief catchy summary of the plot and 5) a short paragraph explaining why you liked the book or why you would recommend it. Please rate the book 1-5 stars!

II Comment on two other book blogs!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Assignment # 3 Create a Post: Why Blog?

You have now created a blog. Answer these questions: 1) What is a blog? 2) How will you use your Student Librarian Blog? (for what purpose) 3) Do you think we should have a separate Blog for book reviews? What should we name the Blog?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Assignment #2 Create a Blog!

Go to Blogger and create a blog.
Be sure to write down or email me your blog address.
For example, the Monroe Student Librarian Blog has the address:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Testing SMS

Assignment # 1 Email Set-up

Google LAUSD MY MAIL accounts are great because they are not blocked here on campus. Also, you can access the digital library databases from home. If you need to do class presentations or upload documents you can take advantage of "Cloud Computing" and do all your work online using google docs. You can also upload files using google docs.

Set up your LAUSD MY MAIL account
Enter your temporary password.
Check out Google docs, sites and calendar.
Send me an email:
After you use your temporary password to log in, you need to sign in to a totally different location to change your password to something permanent you can remember.
If this is confusing, watch the Screencast "How To".

The following students already have an email account and just need to sign in:
Patricia, Maria, Johanna, and Christina ****
***If you have never used your account, please request a reset and I will give you your userid and temporary password.

If you forgot your password, you will need to request a reset!

Send me an email so that I have yours! my email:

Class Requirements!

Welcome to the Fall Semester. Take a look at the calendar for September. These assignments are designed to give you some choice, but also to focus you attention on some issues related to information, technology, and literature. The basic requirements for all student librarians are:

  1. You must read. Student Librarians should be well read people who can make recommendations to both teachers and other students. In the 8 weeks that make up the first half of this semester, you are expected to read about 4 books. Now, if the books are 800 pages long, then obviously you will read less of them, right?
  2. You must read at least one book per week. (see Authors list under Important Documents). I don't care which book by that author you read, but I want you to experience some high-quality literature and this is one way to go about it.
  3. You must blog. Every day, every week 15 minutes. One blog post per week can be about whatever you like. One must be a response (a complete and thoughtful response) to the prompts on our class calendar (again, under Important Documents).
  4. You must help maintain the library. Help customers, keep things neat and clean, etc.
  5. Each Student will be assigned a shelf to maintain.

That's it. Not too tough, right?

Welcome back. I look forward to reading your blogs this semester!!!!