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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Class Requirements!

Welcome to the Fall Semester. Take a look at the calendar for September. These assignments are designed to give you some choice, but also to focus you attention on some issues related to information, technology, and literature. The basic requirements for all student librarians are:

  1. You must read. Student Librarians should be well read people who can make recommendations to both teachers and other students. In the 8 weeks that make up the first half of this semester, you are expected to read about 4 books. Now, if the books are 800 pages long, then obviously you will read less of them, right?
  2. You must read at least one book per week. (see Authors list under Important Documents). I don't care which book by that author you read, but I want you to experience some high-quality literature and this is one way to go about it.
  3. You must blog. Every day, every week 15 minutes. One blog post per week can be about whatever you like. One must be a response (a complete and thoughtful response) to the prompts on our class calendar (again, under Important Documents).
  4. You must help maintain the library. Help customers, keep things neat and clean, etc.
  5. Each Student will be assigned a shelf to maintain.

That's it. Not too tough, right?

Welcome back. I look forward to reading your blogs this semester!!!!

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