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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Assignment # 1 Email Set-up

Google LAUSD MY MAIL accounts are great because they are not blocked here on campus. Also, you can access the digital library databases from home. If you need to do class presentations or upload documents you can take advantage of "Cloud Computing" and do all your work online using google docs. You can also upload files using google docs.

Set up your LAUSD MY MAIL account
Enter your temporary password.
Check out Google docs, sites and calendar.
Send me an email:
After you use your temporary password to log in, you need to sign in to a totally different location to change your password to something permanent you can remember.
If this is confusing, watch the Screencast "How To".

The following students already have an email account and just need to sign in:
Patricia, Maria, Johanna, and Christina ****
***If you have never used your account, please request a reset and I will give you your userid and temporary password.

If you forgot your password, you will need to request a reset!

Send me an email so that I have yours! my email:

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