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Monday, January 24, 2011

Assignment # 23 OPAC Search

In this lesson, you will learn more about how to use the library's electronic catalog. It is a database that contains entries for every book in the library. Every book is assigned a copy id that can be scanned with a bar code. You can search for a book by author, subject, or genre. Download the document entitled "OPAC Search".

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Assignment # 22 Monroe Reads

Please read each member of the discussion groups "Who R U?" and write thoughtful replies or questions you have about each member.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Assignment # 21 Monroe Reads Shelfari Group.

Make sure you join Monroe Reads! Please reply to the Topic "Who Are You?". All of these (18,19,20,21) assignments go into your weekly grade so you must be done with them by Friday January 14th or you will receive a "0". Next week you will receive your new stack(book shelf) assignment.

Assignment # 20 Shelfari Link

Students: Please put a link to your shelfari account on your blog. I need to be able to go from your blog immediately to your shelfari account. Thanks. Ms. Scherr

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Boots Slideshow!

Yesterday I promised pictures! Above is a slide show of Sparky and his new boots. The first picture is of Shawnee (brown and white paint mare)keeping Sparky company because it is too painful for him to stand up. Something interesting about horses: they are prey animals, not predators like us. When a member of a predator pack is injured the others kill or abandon them. When a member of a horse herd is injured the horses surround and protect. So, if you were wounded and lying on the ground, a horse would not bite or kick you but protect you. The second picture shows Sparky's life saving Orthotic gel boots by Soft-Ride. They allow him to stand with painful feet and heal the damaged ligaments by restoring circulation. The feet as well as the heart are organs that pump blood in hoofed mammals. I also included a photo of Sparky's Mustang "Freeze Brand" courtesy of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Basically, it is a bunch of arrows pointing to the numbers of a clock. = is 0 and // is 1. It is easier to burn arrows than numbers. Also, you will see a picture of Belinda driving my favorite work horse, a Kubota 7100 B hist tractor. Lastly, you will see Marie on "Shorty", another rescued mustang posing before a flooded Hansen Dam river feed. It is too flooded to cross and there is lots of dangerous Quicksand.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Assignment # 19 Books U Read Over Break

Please write a review on Shelfari of a book u read over break.

Assignment # 18 Happy New Year to You All.

Hey Student Librarians. Welcome Back. Please write about something interesting you did over the break. Here's what happened to me: On New Years Day I went to pick up my 92 year old mother and her caregiver to take her to see her 90 year old sister in San Diego. When I went to leave, the car wouldn't start. It turned out to be U guessed it a dead battery. On that same New Year's Day my horse Sparky(of Sparky's Retreat Mustang Rescue) had a laminitic episode. I have been playing nurse to him for the past 10 days. Laminitis in inflammation of the ligaments that hold the coffin bone in the hoof. It is extremely painfully and can be a death sentence to a horse that relies on his feet to stand most of his life. I purchased special orthopedic boots. I give him a messy paste mix of pain pills twice a day through a syringe in his mouth. You'll notice it all over my clothes from time to time. I will post a picture of him tomorrow! ; ( Hope your break was happier than mine!