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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Boots Slideshow!

Yesterday I promised pictures! Above is a slide show of Sparky and his new boots. The first picture is of Shawnee (brown and white paint mare)keeping Sparky company because it is too painful for him to stand up. Something interesting about horses: they are prey animals, not predators like us. When a member of a predator pack is injured the others kill or abandon them. When a member of a horse herd is injured the horses surround and protect. So, if you were wounded and lying on the ground, a horse would not bite or kick you but protect you. The second picture shows Sparky's life saving Orthotic gel boots by Soft-Ride. They allow him to stand with painful feet and heal the damaged ligaments by restoring circulation. The feet as well as the heart are organs that pump blood in hoofed mammals. I also included a photo of Sparky's Mustang "Freeze Brand" courtesy of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Basically, it is a bunch of arrows pointing to the numbers of a clock. = is 0 and // is 1. It is easier to burn arrows than numbers. Also, you will see a picture of Belinda driving my favorite work horse, a Kubota 7100 B hist tractor. Lastly, you will see Marie on "Shorty", another rescued mustang posing before a flooded Hansen Dam river feed. It is too flooded to cross and there is lots of dangerous Quicksand.

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