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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Voki Avatar Exemplar

I created the avatar you see at the left in Voki. It was a talking avatar but i used windows to take a screen shot of the voki avatar. Then I copied and pasted the screen shot into Paint. I cropped it to just include my picture. I saved it as a gif on my desktop and added it as a gadget that you see at the right! I also added it as an avatar to my shelfari account.

Assignment # 17 Create an Avatar.

Good Afternoon, Evening, Morning, etc. Your assignment is to create an avatar. What’s an avatar? An avatar is a pictorial representation of you. It can look somewhat like you, but in comic form, or it might be a picture of something you like. In the computer world, you can use an avatar to create an online personality while still protecting your privacy. Please refer to the information on Teen Learning 2.0 ( for the websites you can use (, buildyourselfwild, dreamavatar). After you have created your avatar, use it as your account picture in your blog and in Shelfari. Then in your next posting, describe how you were able to do this. HAVE FUN!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feedback for Student Librarians

Please pay attention to your grade. Most students are not multitasking. You have basically 4 main responsibilities: Blog(includes assignments), Shelfari (book reports), Service to library visitors, Shelf Assignment. Extra assignments should be completed in addition in order to get a 4. Most of you are not even getting a 3 everyday. Also, please number your blog assignments. Where do book reports go? Not in your blog. Use Shelfari and Monroe Reads!. If you have any question or wish to discuss your daily score, please email me: . Most of your blogs are being neglected. You will not get a B or an A without the assignments done!