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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Assignment # 28 Library Practice Moodle

Please sign in to the Library Practice Moodle
with your my mail account information(userid and password).DO NOT USE @MYMAIL.LAUSD.NET IN YOUR USERID! After logging in please find Monroe HS. It is all the way at the bottom of the list. Click on it and you will find one course: Library Practice. Click on the image of a key and enter this enrollment key: 47435276 Go to profile. Search fo me and send me a message. I will reply! Thanks. Ms. Scherr

Friday, February 18, 2011

Assignment # 27 Library Practice Wiki

Students: Please join the library practice wiki so you can ask about the assignments. Use your my mail account to register. There is a page created for each assignment. Please answer the discussion question! Here is a link to the wiki! There is also a link on the main Blog Page.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Assignment # 26 Voicethread

Please open a voicethread account and post a booktalk on it. I have created an exemplar using a mic and imovie. You can also use a flip video. A booktalk is different than a trailer.


Hi everybody! Please email a link to your site so I can put it on the library webpage under "Student Sites" In addition, create a link to your blog on your website and vice versa. Also, remember to post to your blog at least 2 times a week. It could be anything related to your life.
Don't forget to post to Shelfari your book reviews also! You should put a link to your shelfari on your website also.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Assignment # 25 Make an imovie Book Trailer

Make a Book Trailer for your favorite book this semester. You need to have a storyline text, (don't give away the ending), music and photos. Also, you need to give credit for photos and music. Please view the exemplar.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Assignment #24 Personal Portfolio

Create a personal portfolio website that you will be able to use to apply for an internship, a job or an educational institution. Highlight your skills & abilities, career goals, special interest and academic strength. Include letters of recommendation, a resume and links. An exemplar is available at If you want to learn more about what careers you should consider, go to the lausd digital library. The Idealist is a great place to look for possible careers.

Exemplar link

At the LAUSD Digital Library
Career Cruising This will take you to the Digital Library and you can select Career Cruising.
Facts on File Career Center (There is an assessment available here also)

On the Web:
California Career Zone
Occupations Outlook Handbook