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Friday, September 21, 2012

List of Information Literacy Assignments

#1  Create a Google Account
#2  Create a E-Portfolio using (email me the address)
#3  Create a Blog (email me the address) put a link to your blog on your site
#4  Use the catalog to create a list of books and websites that relate to an interest you have.  Copy and paste the information into a microsoft word document.  Upload it to your Google Docs account and add a link to it on the Library Practice page of your e-portfolio.
#5  Review a book you just read in the library catalog. (you need to log in with your lausd mymail account)
#6  Dewey Decimal Game  (upload to google docs and add link to your e-portfolio).
#7 Create a Voki Avatar

Daily Duties: 
  • Daily Group Walk-Through
  • Shelf Maintenence
  • Circulation Desk 
  • Pleasure Reading  or work on assignments for other classes. 

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